Top 10 Most Beautiful Asian Women In The World

Asian women are popular because of the elegance, the most important is their eyes. The eyes of these ladies are attractive to the eyes, the magnificent figure and the attractive hair. Here we present ten of the most beautiful Asian women.


When we talk about Asian beauty, how can we not mention our neighbor, Pakistan? Mehwish Hayat is a famous television actor in Pakistan. She is one of the most popular stars. She is very charming, popular, obviously very attractive. Mehwish played a lot of roles in television series and played a lot for his fans. She is a brilliant cross-border advertising interface. He was born on January 6 in Lahore. She showed a popular fan.

09 – Lee Ha-Nui

Li Guang known, she is the darling of the Western media. This famous Korean beauty has always been a model, event champion, and celebrity. She is also a classical musician, actor gayageum, and actress. Li Li Li also on behalf of his country in Miss Universe. He graduated from the University of Seoul with a bachelor’s degree (honor). She is well known in Tazza 2, Deranged, I am a king and a success. She also appeared on some television shows, such as partners, beautiful dough and so on.


She was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, She is the daughter of the badminton star Prakash Padukone. Deepika Padukone is a surprisingly warm and beautiful woman. Deepika Padukone is a very talented model, Dabur Lal powder spokesperson, advanced parachute massage, Indian jewelry, Limca, Liril, Levi Strauss and Maybelline. His first film, Om Shanti Om, offers many opportunities for her. Deepika Padukone ordered a few times: love aj Kal, Chennai Express, Ramallah and so on. Deepika Padukone also starred in some movies in South India. She is not only known for her beautiful cave but also known for her long legs and a series of bodies by Siddharth Mallya, Ranbir Kapoor and others.


Aishwarya Rai shows the title of Miss World and Miss India. His beautiful green eyes, more than a decade has focused on the mind of man. He was born on 1 November 1973 in the state of Karnataka. Aishwarya Rai has appeared in 36 films, including some international projects like “Pink Panther 2”, where he enacted criminal experts and “Pride and Prejudice”. She has worked in many films such as Devdas, Dhoom 2 and other teachers, “Devdas” won her second best actress. His performance in the film “Jodha Akbar” is highly praised in world performance.

06 – DU JUAN

Du Juan is a former ballet dancer, also a Chinese fashion show. She is famous for her great fans and her impressive personality. Several famous magazines, like Vogue, have been his example many times. She for YSL, Roberto Cavalli, Loius Vuitton and other brands formed a lot.


Marian Rivera was born in the Philippines and is a great actor, known for her role in Amaya, Mari Marmara, Daisy Bell, the temptation of her wife and the role of Dana. She was billed as an expensive magazine and appeared on many television shows. In 2008, she won the FHM Sexiest Female Award. On the list of sexiest actresses in Asia, it is not difficult to find a job. In 2009, she was named “top celebrity assistant” fifth. Earlier this year, Marian continued modeling and then turned to television.


Television shows like wind, audience, winter, home, are popular in my heart. She is a very successful actor in Korea. His parents were told not to survive at birth, but fortunately, he did something like that, so his parents were born too late. As a model for school uniforms. The first love television show won the first role, which is a small role. But it appeared in the movie of a great actress “My Autumn Heart”.


As a British woman, Katrina is an outstanding Bollywood star. Katrina was born in Hong Kong. She is one of the women who runs Bollywood. After “Boom” and “Sarkar” starring, people began to realize that she was a good actor. Her great “Namaste London” made her the best contender for the best Bollywood actress. She is known for her excellent acting style and dance skills.


Zhang Zilin was born in Hebei and later moved to Beijing, 1996-2002, where he completed the school. In 2003, he participated in the Silk Road, a new organization of the show. Due to less experience, she can only be ranked in the top 10. She was the China Fashion Culture Award selected as the top ten professional models. She was named “Miss World” in 2007 and released the film “The Underdog Knight” in 2011.


She was born in James Bull, a popular actress, and a sensational singer. At that moment his parents were doctors of the Indian army. 2000 was named “Miss World”, also study abroad. In Massachusetts, he participated in several plays and received training in Western classical music. She also won the film after becoming “Miss World” and continued her acting incredibly because she had become Bollywood’s richest actress. His performance in the film “Aitraaz” has won many of his awards as a negative role. After her career in Bollywood, she was more inclined to put her own music tracks in her city. It also has a well-known “exotic” Pitbull’s song.