Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds In The World

Which are the most beautiful birds on the planet? No one can possibly respond to this question, nobody, as, majority birds of this planet of ours are beautiful. On the other hand, some kinds certainly contain outstanding features that could out-rank the remaining. Following is the list of such birds, just have a look.

10 – Wood Duck

Probably Wood duck is the most attractively vivid waterfowl of the planet. Male Wood Duck contains a purplish-green, metallic crest and head. Their abdomen is in white color and the chest is in dark-red color. Down the neck, there are eye-catching, thin white lines. Wings are ornate black and blue. Female ones are not such vivid as the males. Their head is gray-brown, the belly is white and the breast is white speckled. Male utilizes their vivid plumage to draw female ones during the season of breeding.

09 – Hyacinth Macaw

With a remarkable 100cm length, it is the biggest of every flying parrot’s species of the planet. They reside in semi-open regions and grasslands of savanna in Brazil Northern area. Their population has been reduced in previous years. At present, below 5000 Hyacinth Macaws are present on the planet. Hunting and territory loss are major fear towards hyacinth macaw.

08 – Blue Jay

Blue jays are among the most beautiful and intelligent birds of the planet. They located across Central North and Eastern American forests. Blue jays contain stunning white, black and blue plumage. A most distinctive feature of such songbird is the loud similar to ‘jay jay’ calls. They can, in addition, reproduce the voice of different bird species.

07 – Bohemian Waxwing

Bohemian waxwing is the average-sized songbird by means of the distinct crested head plus black facades. Overall they are brownish-gray along with wings contain yellow and white edging. Therefore, Bohemian Waxwing is one of the gorgeous birds of the planet. Bohemian waxwings reside in across Eurasia and North America, habitually in Alaska and Canada’s boreal forest.

06 – Keel-billed Toucan

Keel-billed toucan is one of the birds by way of most astonishing bills of the planet. They have enormous, colorful beak which will go up to 20cm in size. Because of their multicolored beak, keel-billed toucan is, in addition, recognized same as “rainbow-billed toucan”. Their bill is a combination of red, green and yellow colors. Regardless of heavy look, keel-billed toucan beak is lightweight and hollow. It is prepared for one kind of proteins named keratin.

05 – Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic puffin is the well-adapted, small seabird which is located on the Northern coast of Eastern Canada and the United States. They are a.k.a. ‘sea parrot’ because of their multicolored, huge bill plus penguin-like discoloration. Atlantic puffins expend the majority of their lifetime on the sea. Their feathers which are water-resistant maintain their body temperate whilst swimming. They flutter the wings to whirl underwater and on the surface of the water.

04 – Peacock

Peacock is in fact name of peafowl family male bird. There are 3 kinds of peafowl on the planet, green peafowl, Congo, and Indian. The Indian is the mainly widespread kind of peafowl located across the world. Peacocks which are male birds are famous for their vivid sparkling tail feathers display. Peacocks can mature to 5ft in length that makes it among the biggest flying birds on the planet. Actually, the extensive peacock tail crafts 60% of its entire length.

03 – Scarlet Macaw

The scarlet macaw is the most gorgeous and biggest macaw family member. They live in evergreen humid forests transversely South and Central America. They are well-known for their multicolored plumage. Scarlet Macaw has vivid red plumage by means of a blue rear. Upper wings are in yellow color and edged by way of green.

02 – Flamingo

Flamingo is almost certainly the mainly identifiable world’s wading bird. The striking red-purple tinted plumage makes flamingo so extraordinary in the midst of birds. There are six dissimilar types of Flamingos on the planet. They have located on each continent apart from Antarctica. A fully developed flamingo can be measured up to 4 to 5ft in length plus weigh up to 3.6kg. Flamingo’s neck is lean and long and contains a typical downward, curved beak. The flamingo’s legs are moreover very lengthy, measured among 30 to 50in.

01 – Golden Pheasant

Golden pheasants are well-known for their radiant decorated plumage. They contain a stunning golden-yellow top tilted by means of red. They’re under part and face is bright red. Throat and sides are tan rusty. Wattle of golden pheasant is in yellow color and the upper back is in green color. They, in addition, contain dark red feathers of shoulder and an extended light brown tail. Male golden pheasants are extra vivid as compared to females. They contain distinctive crimson flanks and breast. Their feathers of mid-tail, in addition, comprise outstanding black spots. Dissimilar of male, female pheasants contain a duller spotted brown plumage.