Top 10 Most Beautiful Houses In The World

In addition to the various basic needs of man, one of the most important need is a shelter. Man needs a place for his privacy, protection and of course some boundaries that mark his territory and from the early days, man has been building houses according to his means and requirements. With the passage of time and the advancement of architecture and the building materials, many beautiful and innovative houses have been built. Today there are many houses throughout the world that have been considered special due to their architecture, design or historical significance.

For those people who are interested in these beautiful abodes below is the list of the top ten most beautiful houses in the world that will please your senses.

01 – Antilia – Mumbai India

This is probably the most popular and the best house in the world. It is a 27- story building and is the property of the business icon Mukesh Ambani. The house is also known by the name of a new-age Taj Mahal and covers an area of 40,000 square feet.

So these are the top 10 most beautiful houses in the world that have become popular for their exquisite designs and splendid décor and of course the masterminds that have created them.

02 – The Penthouse in London


This apartment is located in Hyde Park, London and can easily be said to be one of the most beautiful houses in the world. It is so expensive that its rates are 6000 pounds for 1 square foot, which is a matter of concern for the real estate agents. All the rooms are very tastefully and lavishly decorated making it one of the most beautiful houses in the world.

03 – Villa Leopold in the French Riviera


This is the world beautiful house and also one of the most expensive ones. The house was made in 1902 and was named after King Leopold. The house was actually built for the king’s mistress and has been developed into an 80,000 sqft estate today. The worth of the house is around $506 Million.

04 – Hearst Mansion – San Simeon, California, USA

This house is owned by the icon of the US newspaper and was built on the Central Coast of California. This house was bought by Randolph during the days when he was doing law.

The beauty of the house is increased two-fold due to its location, the beautiful Beverly Hills. It’s a spacious house with 39 bedrooms and owing to its beauty and splendor has been the setting for many famous Hollywood movies..

05 – Fairfield Pond New York, USA

In ancient times the forts or strongholds were surrounded by water, this house has also been built on a similar pattern. But the main difference here is that the body of water is not used for security reasons but rather to create beauty.

It is known to be the biggest house in America as it covers more than 63 sections of land and is valued at $170 Million. Due to all this, it easily comes in the list of the most beautiful houses in the world.

06 – The Manor – Los Angeles, California

This house is one of the most beautiful houses in the world as it is the biggest house in the city and is really famous for its unique style and architecture.

The house covers a sprawling area of 4.6 hectares and has been built in the style of a French manor. This gorgeous house has countless luxuries and its expenses are about $150 Million.

07 – Updown Court England

This most luxurious villa is situated in England and has countless amenities in it. It has many luxuries in it, from a swimming pool to a gaming zone.

The house covers a vast area of land and has 103 rooms in it. Due to the lovely architecture it has a beautiful house design and is of course really costly, its value is $139 Million

08 – The Victorian Villa in Ukraine

This Victorian Villa is the residence of a Ukrainian businesswoman who is famous for her charitable deeds. It’s a five-story house and is very lavishly decorated.

It has a grand swimming pool, a sauna, a well-equipped gym, and a great room theatre. All this luxury and lavishness makes it undoubtedly one of the most beautiful houses in the world.

09 – Franchuk Villa in London

Situated in Central London in Belgravia this is one of the most beautiful houses around the world. It is also considered to be one of the expensive properties in London. The house has six floors and has been constructed in a unique Victorian style.

10 – The Dracula’s Castle in Romania

One of the most beautiful houses in the world this house is built close to the Bran in Romania. As we can guess from its name this house has been said to belong to Dracula, a legendary character in history. The house has 57 rooms and has now been converted into a museum.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Houses In The World

  • Antilla_Mumbai India
  • The Penthouse in London
  • Villa Leopold in the French Riviera
  • Hearst Mansion_San Simeon, California, USA
  • Fairfield Pond New York, USA
  • The Manor_Los Angeles, California
  • Updown Court England
  • The Victorian Villa in Ukraine
  • Franchuk Villa in London
  • The Dracula’s Castle in Romania