Top 10 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses Without Surgery

In Korea, you can find the most beautiful actresses in Asia. In general, Korea is a home of beauty itself. The actresses have the cute cuddly faces with gorgeous smiles on their faces. The trim-slim and well-shaped bodies of the actresses make them globally attracted.

All the beautiful actresses capture the attention of the audience by doing the movie, music, and fashion serials. The Korean entertainment industry has much to offer you. The purpose is just to appreciate the height of beauty which the Korean has. Here are the top 10 Korean actress list which considers the most beautiful Korean actresses.

10 – Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee is a 34-year-old lady. She is known as the best actress of South Korea. She is leading the role in many drama serials like Love Story in Harvard, Stairway to Heaven, and My Princess.

She also did a movie named as Jang OK-Jung. With her great acting skills, dashing personality, and growing beauty she captured the attention of the audience and impressed them as well. From 1999 to 2005, she is an alumnus of the Seoul National University.

She also enjoyed her successful career of modeling along with the acting. She also modeled for many reputable fashion weeks which held in Asia. She also did many television shows. For the well-known brands like Toyota and Samsung, she did print and digital advertisements as well.

09 – Eun Kyeong Lim

Eun Kyeong Lim was born on 15 January 1984. She is 31 years old. She is known as the South Korean actress. In 1999, for the first time, she raised to fame by doing the model character for SK Telecom commercial.

She also did many movies like Doll Master, Conduct Zero, and Resurrection of the Little Match Girl. In the South Korean entertainment industry, she made multiple achievements.

South Korea has one of the most groomed actresses of Asia because they all are having great acting skills, dashing personality, and growing beauty. She is known as “ITT Girl”. She is an alumnus of Korea’s Chung-Ang University.

08 – Park Shin Hye

She was born in Gwangju but brought up in Paju South Korea. Park Shin Hye is a famous actress. Through k-pop dancer for singer lee-sung-hawn’s music of video Flower, she made her debut in the entertainment industry. After then, she decided to go and get the formal training in acting and singing as well.

She said that it was one of the best decisions I had ever made in my life. Onwards 2015, she enjoyed a successful music career. You can see her coming songs in the billboard charts in Korea. She is one of the youngest, successful and most beautiful Korean actresses.

07 – Han Ga In

Many years ago, since her professional debut in the Korean entertainment industry, Han Ga Jin attracted the audience towards herself. No doubt, she is one of the most established and well-known actresses of Korea.

She also did many movies and television shows like Yello Handkerchief. She has perfect silky skin with attracting big eyes. She also did many respectable roles for Asian Airlines, cosmetic companies, and alcohol abusers.

For print and digital commercials, she remains one of the most adorable models. Definitely, she is one of the hottest actresses.

06 – Han Hyo Joo

She is known for her beauty roles. She did the leading role in Dong Yi and Brilliant Legacy television drama. She is an award-winning actress of South Korea and her career is at the peak of success.

She did many leading roles in popular sitcoms, television shows, and films like Nonstop 5, Seasons Drama, and Cold Eyes. She also won Best Actress award at the 34th Blue Dragon Films Awards of South Korea. She is a well-known model.

05 – Song Hye Kyo

She was born on 22nd November 1981. She is a famous South Korean actress. She is popular by doing many amazing roles on television dramas like The Wind Blows (2013), Full House (2004), All In (2003), and Autumn in My Heart (2000).

She showed her great acting and modeling skills at the little age. She won Smart Modeling Contest at the age of 14 and minor television roles. She recorded a music album and won the award for that as well.

04 – Kim So Eun

Kim So Eun is a 25-year-old Korean actress. She is an alumnus of Chung-Ang University. She is a well-known actress and a media icon. She did many leading roles like Liar Game, A Thousand Kisses, and A Good Day for the Wind to Blow.

She also did supporting roles in the television shows like Boys over Flowers. She started her career at a very young age and won awards for many supporting roles. She is one of the popular, influential and most beautiful Korean actresses.

03 – Yoon Eun Hye

She was born on 3rd October 1984. She came in the Korean entertainment industry with the popular K-pop girl group named as Baby V.O.X. She was with the group until she decided to pursue her career as an actress.

After 10 years, now she is known as an entertainer, singer, director, and actress of the Korean entertainment industry. She did many drama serials like Princess Hour, Missing You, and Marry Him If You Dare. She also released sic heart touching music albums and won awards for them as well.

02 – Ha Ji Won

Ha Ji Won is known as amazing Yeoja. She is a versatile South Korean actress and enjoyed 16 years of her acting career. She looks younger and beautiful than the today’s actresses.

Hence we can say that she is a Korean beautiful girl. She knows about the fashion and also knows how to carry it. For 30 movies, she won awards for that. She is still single and considers one of the most dominant actresses of Korea.

01 – Park Min Young

Park Min Young is a good dancer and a respectable model. She did commercials for the brands like Sony Ericsson, LG, Korea Air, Lipton Ice Tea, and Pizza. No doubt, she is deadly gorgeous and known for her great performance in drama serials like City Hunter, Healer, and Sungkyunkwan. That’s why; people picked her the most beautiful Korean actresses.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses in 2017

  1. Park Min Young
  2. Ha Ji Won
  3. Yoon Eun Hye
  4. Kim So Eun
  5. Song Hye Kyo
  6. Han Hyo Joo
  7. Han Ga In
  8. Park Shin Hye
  9. Eun Kyeong Lim
  10. Kim Tae Hee