The 10 Most Expensive Computers Ever Created

The price of computers has changed dramatically over the years. When the computer was bought by consumers more than 30 years ago, they were big machines that cost thousands of dollars each, when the cost of production was high and the cost of the computer was reflected. With the passage of time, computer manufacturing has become more streamlined, technical improvements, with a computer, becomes more affordable. Today you can buy a new personal computer or laptop for less than $ 300, but in the early days of the computer, you can not buy a monitor.

However, there are still some models that spend a lot of money because they contain crazy or crazy techniques superb features. Over the last decade, there has been a market that caters to the rich and personal, who want highly customizable personal computers or computers with precious metals and precious stones. Such a PC matches or exceeds the price of the early computer, and some even cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here is the list of top 10 Most Expensive Computers Ever Created.

01 – The Luvaglio One Million Dollar Laptop ($1 Million)

When Luvaglio started creating the world’s most shabby luxury laptops, this fun computer came to mind. At first glance, it looks like an expensive case, but the inside is a built-in solid state drive, an MP3 player, and a portable Blu-ray player. There are some diamonds that print the PC, including a power button embedded in the diamond. Many people want to know if the laptop guarantees its price, but Luvaglio says that the cost of 1 Million dollars is correct. This is at the first position in this list of top 10 most expensive computers ever created.

02 – Otazu Ego Diamond ($350,000)

Ego so far the most expensive portable form as a designer handbag, there are many luxury finishes, starting at $ 5,000. If you want super fancy, go to the top of Otazu Ego Diamond, which contains 470 diamonds and Otazu motifs. This is at the second position in this list of world’s top 10 most expensive computers ever created.

03 – 24k Gold MacBook Pro ($30,000)

MacBook Pro itself is fantastic, but this extra 24-karat gold. In order to get rid of the luxury produced by Computer Choppers (a custom high-tech gadgets), the laptop also has an Apple logo with a variety of diamonds. This is at the third position in this list of top 10 most expensive computers ever created.

04 – Ego for Bentley Notebook ($20,000)

Many people will guess that anything related to the Bentley name will cost a lot of money. The laptop was produced by the luxury goods company Ego and the legendary British automaker Bentley in 2008, to showcase its wealth. It has diamond sewing Bentley leather, handmade, and has a variety of color options. Only 250 of these high-tech products are available for sale. This is at the fourth position in this list of top 10 most expensive computers ever created.

05 – 1975 IBM Portable Computer ($19,975)

If you are considering the price and would like to know what kind of incredible technology in the mid-1970s to ensure such an expensive price tag, knowing that the cost of the IBM laptop in 1975 was because it was the first “mini computer “It is not as portable as the notebook today, but it is aimed at the scientific community, especially researchers and funding sources in conflict.

The stand-alone computer has a tape drive, a 5-inch CRT monitor that can print 16 lines of text, each of 64 characters, one can store 204 KB of tape drive hard drives and a PALM card processor. If you adjust your retail price in 1975, the cost of the IBM 5100 laptop is approximate $ 88,000. This is at the fifth position in this list of top 10 most expensive computers ever created.

06 – Yoyotech XDNA Aurum 24K ($13,000)

No matter what the game system comes out, claiming to be the latest and greatest, PC games are still popular. 3D games have changed the way computer manufacturers develop their products, and in 2013, Yoyotech has introduced a computer that can play any 3D game in 4K: DNA Aurum 24K. For the price, you can get a system with incredible graphics capabilities, and also have advanced cooling systems to keep everything running smoothly. Obviously, this computer means that serious players are willing to sell thirteen more than casual players. This is at the sixth position in this list of top 10 most expensive computers ever created.

07 – 1979 Cromemco System Three ($12,495)

One of the major innovators in the computer world of the seventies and eighties was Cromemco, founded by two Ph.D. students from Stanford University. Not only have developed peripherals and graphics cards but also in the camera and joystick has made considerable progress. Cromemco System Three was launched in 1979, is a multi-user computer with one to six terminals, and a printer connected to its central chassis.

This scenario is ideal for military, government, and large-scale operations, but that does not mean that the streets are usually Joe. However, Cromemco System Three can run Z80 Basic and Fortran IV and has an external hard drive of 5 MB and 512 KB of RAM. The retail price is $ 12,495, or about $ 36,000. This is at the seventh position in this list of top 10 most expensive computers ever created.

08 – 1983 Apple Lisa ($9,995)

Lisa was a 1983 Apple relic, which was important at the time, not just because she was named after the daughter of Steve Jobs. This is the first PC to use the mouse, is to sell to the masses, on the old computer, it is super easy to use. It has a 12-inch monochrome display, 1 MB of RAM, 5MHz Motorola CPU, and buyers can choose to get an external hard drive of 5 MB. Surprisingly, although Apple Lisa is an average user, still spend $ 9,995, equivalent to almost $ 24,000. This is at the eight position in this list of top 10 most expensive computers ever created.

09 – Voodoo Envy 171 ($6,500)

When Voodoo began designing the Envy 171 it sold in 2007, the company focused on the performance and development of other notebook makers. 17-inch widescreen display equipped with dual NVIDIA GeForce Go 7950 graphics chipset. Other impressive features include Core 2 Extreme CPU, 4GB RAM and 600GB hard drive capacity with three different drives. Those who buy expensive laptops can also choose their own design, and can choose their favorite color. Voodoo Envy 171 costs $ 6,500. This is at the ninth position in this list of top 10 most expensive computers ever created.

10 – 1989 Macintosh Portable ($6,500)

80 years began to appear on the laptop is not your smooth machine today, fast and powerful, but the 1989 Macintosh laptop in its era is still very new. It has a 16MHz Motorola CPU, 1MB RAM, can be expanded to 9MB, a 40MB hard drive. The model display has a resolution of 640 × 400, for the monochrome, the internal weight of 2 pounds of lead-acid batteries. The Macintosh laptop is priced at $ 6,500 for the first time today, at $ 12,500.