Top 10 Most Expensive Pizzas In The World

Pizza is the most demanded and famous food item in the world and everybody enjoys and loves eating it. Pizza is offered in just almost every country and nation of the earth with different prices and tastes. Following is the list of most expensive pizzas in the world. Take a look.

10 – Domino`s Kobe Beef Steak Pizza ($75)

This pizza has no gold and diamonds in it. Kobe Beef Steak Pizza is accessible in Japan at Domino’s and the one mainly well-known there as Japanese believe that magnificence of fast food is a superb thing. Several people have taken pleasure in this pizza. Domino’s started making this pizza quite recently. Its price is highest because of the exclusive beef used in it. Pizza contains diverse toppings verities and its taste is excellent and nice-looking too. This pizza is at 10th spot in this most expensive pizzas list.

09 – The Magic Gold Pizza ($110)

The Magic Gold Pizza is a specialty of Magic Oven restaurant situated in Canada, Toronto, plus they have created pizzas which are gluten free, are vegetarian-friendly as well and consist of gold leaf topping of 24-carat. The components they utilized are healthy and natural and you also can consume gold leaf as well. These special pizzas have rarely been called ‘pizzaceuticals’ due to their fit ingredients collection. This pizza is at 9th spot in this most expensive pizzas list.

08 – The Astice E Tartufo ($127)

The Astice E Tartufo is available at world’s most renowned place, Dubai. It is not only famous because it is a high-quality tourism place other than for in addition to their foods too. The Dubai’s 3rd Avenue coAvenueth most excellent and most costly pizza of the world which appears tremendously tempting and contains lobsters and truffles garnishing as well. The pizza has extremely individual flavor and its reason is particular imported ingredients utilization used for this pizza making. This pizza is at 8th spot in this most expensive pizzas list.

07 – Triple Mille-Feuille ($145)

This is one more Domino’s pizza that is famous all around the world as the most costly pizza. Triple Mille-Feuille is available for experiencing at Domino’s and its crust is prepared of 3 levels stashed that hold additional cheese in middle. If ordered with every topping, it possibly will be pretty heavy and sort of not effortless to eat, though in Japan especially, it was a admired hit intended for an extended time. This pizza is at 7th spot in this most expensive pizzas list.

06 – The C6 Pizza ($455)

The C6 Pizza is available in Canada, British Columbia, Richmond at Steveston Pizza that comprises particular ingredients, for example, Russian Osetra caviar, Lobster Thermidor, black Alaskan cod, smoked salmon and tiger prawns as well. In 2012 this delicious and different pizza created its emergence as an outstanding pizza of Steveston Company. The pizza is not large, except the complete look and flavor is overwhelming. This pizza is at 6th spot in this most expensive pizzas list.

05 – Nino Bellisima Pizzeria ($1010)

Nino Bellisima Pizzeria can be taken at New York, the most famous place in the world. The food diversity of New York is in addition much recognized globally. This outstanding pizza is truthfully good looking; for that reason, it is named Bellissima. It was created by means of Giovani Spatula, the Chef and is accessible by Gino’s Restaurant situated on Manhattan’s Upper eastern Side in NYC. This pizza is at 5th spot in this most expensive pizzas list.

04 – The Margo`S Pizzeria ($2400)

Its name forms it more notable and famous in the world. In 2010 it created its initial appearance and it was in addition taken in “Guinness Book of World Records”. Separately from luxuriousness and taste of this, its pizza coating is finished by utilizing gold leaf that makes it extra admirable. They believe making somewhat unique in this world which moreover has an exclusive taste. This pizza is at 4th spot in this most expensive pizzas list.

03 – Pizza Royale 007 ($4200)

A restaurant named “Domenico Crolla” situated in United Kingdom Glasgow, Haggis created this pizza motivated by famous James Bond character. It is a 12” pizza and is created by utilizing numerous mainly expensive ingredients of the planet that comprise caviar saturated with Dom Perignon, lobster soaked in 100 yrs. older cognac, smokes salmon of Scotland, prosciutto of supreme quality, standard balsamic vinegar plus animal protein medallions. Gold flakes of 24-carat are utilized for creating its coating. This pizza is at 3rd spot in this most expensive pizzas list.

02 – Favitta`S Family Pizzeria ($8,200)

This Favitta’s Family Pizzeria is famous tea same as New York’s ‘Pizza for Lovers’ inside Henrietta, close to Rochester and in addition in the world. The prize of this pizza is not so high due to the ingredients used in it other than what crafts this pizza most costly pizza is the cause so as to this pizza contains the shape of heart and more to the point to be simply a usual pizza, scattered diamonds are utilized for decorations of it and in addition it accompanies by means of a Dom Perignon bottle plus a ring of diamond. The cost of this specific pizza varies depending on diamond size used. This pizza is at 2nd spot in this most expensive pizzas list.

01 – Louis XIII ($12,100)

Louis XIII is the most luxurious pizza of the world. It needs 72 hours only for dough preparation. Mozzarella of Buffalo, Norway’s lobster, 3 types of Cilento and caviar, are utilized for garnishing and topping of this costly pizza and a small quantity of pink Australian sea salt taken from River of Murray is sprinkled on pizza. This pizza is at 1st spot in this most expensive pizzas list.

Top 10 Most Expensive Pizzas In The World

  1. Louis XIII
  2. Favitta`S Family Pizzeria
  3. Pizza Royale 007
  4. The Margo`S Pizzeria
  5. Nino Bellisima Pizzeria
  6. The C6 Pizza
  7. Triple Mille-Feuille
  8. The Astice E Tartufo
  9. The Magic Gold Pizza
  10. Domino`s kobe Beef Steak Pizza
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