Top 10 Most Hated Celebrities In The World


Celebrities are the main factor of love. Numerous celebrities are loved but same opposite to it a lot of celebrities are hated also. Following is the list of most hated celebrities.

10 Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise is among most handsome, popular and rich celebrity in the world as he is in the film industry for previous 35 years thus emerged in several boxes hit films. He is on the list of most unloved celebrities of the earth due to the controversies, he had a relationship with several women in the world, also 8-10 years older than him and in addition married 3 times except divorced every wave. He is at 10th place in most hated celebrities list.

09 Chris Brown


Christopher Maurice is a famous American celebrity because he is versatile as he is not just a singer also a dancer, songwriter, and actor; he is also recognized as controversies King as there are quite a few worlds’ celebrities who contain controversies as compared to Chris Brown. His hate among fans elevated when he cruelly attacked Rihanna his girlfriend at that time. He is at 9th place in most hated celebrities list.

08 Simon Cowell


Simon Cowell is in addition to this list. He is a judge of TV reality show, TV producer, film producer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is hated for almost not any reason but is hated consequently. He is at 8th place in most hated celebrities list.

07 Kanye West


Kanye West is a famous hip hop singer, artist, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and rapper. He is recognized as highly admired artists of this century other than he is moreover believed as a most loathed person in the world as he is an everlasting member in this list. He is at 7th place in most hated celebrities list.

06 Ariana Grande



Ariana Grande-Butera, a hot beauty who is recognized as Ariana Grande. She is a well-known singer plus actress of America. She is believed as among the loathed persons of the world as this little beauty came in this list after the doughnut licking scene. She, in addition, stated those memorable words which everyone has imprinted in their brains when she stated I hate America ‘I hate Americans’, and I will forever state in upcoming time so as to I Hate America. She is at 6th place in most hated celebrities list.

05 Taylor Swift


“Taylor Alison Swift” born on 13th of December 1989, she is famously recognized as Taylor Swift, she is a famous American songwriter and singer, at 14 years of age she shifted to Tennessee in Nashville to start her profession as Singer. She is in addition most loathed by means of people most as she has located herself on getting the end of a little kind of indefinite Bad Blood. She is at 5th place in most hated celebrities list.

04 Kim Kardashian


Kimberly Kardashian West also officially recognized as Kim Kardashian, is moreover Kanye West’s wife because she is a renowned celebrity of TV reality show, socialist, actress, and businesswoman. She has appeared also in the reality show of her own “Keeping up with Kardashian” or on Instagram also so her nude Selfies have originated the swirl so she is believed as a most loathed person. She is at 4th place in most hated celebrities list.

03 Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber is among most admired celebrities in the world because he is a famous Canadian Singer and songwriter. Bieber worked extremely hard to become a star and contains a huge quantity of fans all over the world other than because of his hullabaloos he is losing his fame and admiration in front of the world. He is at 3rd place in most hated celebrities list.

02 Bill Cosby


Bill Cosby is among the wealthiest Hollywood celebrities because he is a standup comedian except after growing loads of reputation on big screen consequently rather than love, he is the most loathed person on earth as over 50 females stepped forward by way of sexual stabbing accusations on actor-comedian who lately confessed on giving Quaalude drug to a women. He is at 2nd place in most hated celebrities list.

01 Donald Trump


Top 10 Most Hated Celebrities In The WorldDonald John Trump is also recognized as Donald Trump, he is the mainly popular celebrity in America as he is a Businessman, Politician, Television personality, author and most essentially now the President of United States of America. Other than he is recognized in the world as in a negative mean. There’s no reason why most of the people hate this person. He is at 1st place in the most hated celebrities list.


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