Top 10 Most Richest Families In The World

Isn’t it a good idea to give birth to one of the richest families in the world? People can enjoy all the comforts of life according to his/her orders. Do you think their life is simple? In fact, they must work harder than us to maintain their position. Their wealth did not take a long time to become a bubble. It’s everyone’s dream to be rich and the surest way to achieve this is to be born to rich parents. Below is the list of the top 10 richest families in the world 2019.

01 – The Rothschild Family – ($2 trillion)

From candies, oil and supermarkets, we are turning to the world of finance and banking. In the first place is the Rothschild family, which has been associated with the international banking industry since the early 18th century. Mayer Rothschild, a founding member of the banking group, served as the financial manager of the German royal family.

His five sons are from Germany, and they branch to Frankfurt, Vienna, London, Paris and Naples, creating a financial empire for more than a century. The family has a history of keeping a low profile, so it is difficult to determine their actual net worth. However, reliable sources have brought their net worth to $2 trillion, making them the richest family in the world today.

02 – The House of Saud – ($1.4 trillion)

On the 2nd, they have a royal family from Saudi Arabia. Since the eighteenth century, the Saudi Arabian family has ruled Saudi Arabia. When you talk about Saudi Arabia, the only thing you can think of is the oil business. Today, the family controls most of its oil reserves, with a total value of about $1.4 trillion. Under the leadership of King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Saudi, this family also tends to be political.

03 – The Walton Family – ($152 billion)

Today, you can see supermarkets around the world. Today, every supermarket is credited to Wal-Mart, one of the world’s largest supermarket chains. The company is the world’s largest non-government employer with more than 2.1 million employees serving the world’s employees. The company opened its first store in 1962 by Sam Walton and was a pioneer in opening franchise stores.

Since 2016, the company has operated under the name of Wal-Mart and has revolutionized the industry by focusing on small towns. The Walton family owns 54% of the company’s total shares, making it the world’s third richest family.

04 – The Koch Family – ($89 billion)

The Koch family ranks fourth. The company was founded in 1940 by an engineer, Fred Koch, and is the second largest private company in the United States. Originally oil and refining companies, they have subsidiaries in various sectors such as merchandise trading, finance, and chemicals.

Koch Industries’ growth is due to David Koch and Charles Koch, both of which rank among the top ten with the same net worth. List of people. Koch Industries has a total net worth of $89 billion.

05 – The Mars Family – ($80 billion)

Americans are familiar with Mars candy. This candy company is the world’s largest private confectionery company. Founded by Franklin Mars in 1911, the family is worth $80 billion today, making it the fifth place on the list. Introducing the Mars Bar and M&Ms; Franklin’s son, Forrest Mars.

This family is a very secret family, and most of them do not share their photos in public. They are an influential family and have played an active role in setting up the hall to recommend the abolition of the estate tax.

06 – The Slim Family – ($77.1 billion)

After several American and French families, we moved south to Mexico, for its wealthiest family – slim family. Led by Carlos Slim, the world’s sixth richest man, the family is worth $77.1 billion, ranking sixth. The total value of the family is approximately equal to 6% of Mexico’s gross national product.

His team, Grupo Carso, controls more than 40% of the value of the Mexican stock exchange. His four children supported him in this adventure. This group has a variety of interests such as art, education and health care, sports and the restoration of the city centre. His son manages these four departments admirably. You can call Carlos as the king of Mexico.

07 – The Cargill-MacMillan Family ($45 billion)

On the 7th, we have the Cargill-MacMillan family. This family is a unique family with 14 of the world’s largest billionaires. The family still holds 88% of the company’s shares, namely Cargill. The company was founded in 1865 by William Wallace Cargill as a food storage company that is interested in crops, food and trade goods.

The best part of this family is that they are still together. With $45 billion in net assets, the company is the largest private company in the United States today.

08 – The Bettencourt Family – ($42.7 billion)

Paris is the fashion capital of the world. You have the best French luxury company. On the 8th place on this list, we have the Bettencourt family. This family is the cosmetics industry. You must have heard of the L’Oreal S.A. Bettencourt family is the head of the cosmetics giant. The company has made great progress since 1909 as a small hair dye manufacturing unit.

09 – The Arnault Family – ($37.7 billion)

Whenever it comes to luxury and fashion, France has a place. You have luxury brands like Moet, Hennessy and Louis Vuitton. All of these companies belong to the LVMH group and are led by Bernard Arnault, the 10th richest man in the world today.

His son Antonie is the CEO of Berluti, and his daughter Delphine is the vice president of LVMH. The family’s net worth is $37.7 billion, and the family is ranked 9th on this list.

10 – The Cox Family – ($34.5 billion)

Cox Enterprises was founded in Dayton, Ohio and has three subsidiaries: Cox Communications, Cox Media Group and Cox Automotive. James M Cox purchased Dayton Daily News in 1898 to launch the group. Ohio Democratic Governor James Cox also campaigned for the US president, but lost his campaign for Warren Harding in 1920.

Today, his daughter, Anne Cox Chambers, and the children of her late sister Barbara Cox, James C Kennedy and Clair Parry Okeden, manage the show. With a total value of $34.5 billion, the family ranks tenth among the top ten wealthiest families in the world today.

Top 10 Richest Families in The World

  1. The Rothschild Family – ($2 trillion)
  2. The House of Saud – ($1.4 trillion)
  3. The Walton Family – ($152 billion)
  4. The Koch Family – ($89 billion)
  5. The Mars Family – ($80 billion)
  6. The Slim Family – ($77.1 billion)
  7. The Cargill-MacMillan Family ($45 billion)
  8. The Bettencourt Family – ($42.7 billion)
  9. The Arnault Family – ($37.7 billion)
  10. The Cox Family – ($34.5 billion)
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