Top 10 Sexiest Hollywood Actresses in the World

The Hollywood actress is welcomed by her beauty and style. So these celebrities have talent, performance is very good, experts; Also very sexy.

In addition, Hollywood also has a fierce competition, in addition to beauty, the actress must also train to their own potential and ability. There is no doubt that skills and performances are the main themes, but they are an extra thing that is hot and sexy. To get the top job, Hollywood actresses need to be an attractive lady.

01 – Kirsten Dunst

Born in 1982, Kirsten Dunst (Kirsten Dunst) is an actress, fashion model, singer, and director. His career began with “Oedipus Debris”, a short film. When the vampire Claudia was interviewed by the Vampire (1994), the vampire Claudia was recognized around the world, and the vampire (1994) was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for “Best Supporting Actress.”

02 – Penélope Cruz

Penelope Cruz elegant reminded us that there are several called “Miss Universe” super beautiful ladies. She basically came from Spain, 15 years old started her career. She won the incredible performance of the Oscar film. Her popular film is “vanilla sky” and “woman”.


Born in 1978, Katherine Heigl (Katherine Heigl) is a beautiful and beautiful American actress, she is a model and producer. She played a decent role in film and television. In the gray anatomy of ABC, it is called Izzie Stevens’ interpretation. In 2007, he won the Primetime Emmy Award.

She played a very good role in the “ugly truth, life as we know, praise 2: dark territory, dress 27, knock at the door and New Year’s Eve.” Catherine began her career as a child model and took action. In the drama “Roswell”, she plays Isabel Evans. In addition, he also designed the Metropolitan, Maxim and Vanity Fair and other publications.

04 – Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johanna was born in New York, she is an actor, singer, and model. Due to her attractive personality, Scarlett has a wide range of male fans. She is also very beautiful, talented. At age 27, Scarlett is considered one of Hollywood’s sexiest and hottest actresses. Many magazines included her in the hottest and sexiest celebrities. He has won the Golden Globe four awards.

It should be noted that the film is “Iron Man, Victoria Cristina Barcelona, Avenger, prestige, and Marl”.

05 – Angelina Jolie

There is no doubt that Angelina Jolie is the hottest and most beautiful actress in Hollywood. Due to her excellent acting in the film, she is also known as the most brilliant and popular actress. Besides the actress, she is also the director. Over the years he has been a good actor. His recent work was the biggest blow to Ma Feifei last year. Jolie premiered the “see” portrait of her father’s childhood artist.

Some of his famous works are “Cyborg 2, Gia, Girl-Interrupted, a powerful heart, Changeling, uninterrupted and in the land of blood and honey.”

06 – Natalie Portma

Natalie Portman (Natalie Portman) was born in 1981, the stunningly beautiful woman of Israel. She is a successful producer, actor, director. He played a prominent role in the film “León: Profesionales” (next to Jean Reno in 1994). She is a Hollywood actress, won the Golden Globe in 2005 and won the Oscar. Her famous films include “Goya’s Ghosts (2006)”, V for Vendetta (2006) and “The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)”.

07 – Jessica Alba

The name of the actress does not need to be entered. law? Yes, it is clear that she was the brother of the time, but also a Hollywood actress. Her beautiful and friendly nature as an extra point, her professional level, and success. Due to her beautiful body and lovely appearance, she is considered one of the most attractive and popular celebrities. At the age of 13, he began working on film and drama. Jessica is also known as “Hollywood Sex Mark”. At the age of 19, he became the protagonist of the television program “Dark Angel” career. After that, he worked on several movies, and these films turned out to be the biggest movies. Her most popular films include machetes, four fantasies, evil cities and so on.

08 – Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock was born in July 1964. Sandra is a beautiful and popular American celebrity. In 1987, it was performed with the thriller “hombre”. Her award-winning performances were in the film “Kill” (1996), Hope Floats (1998) When You Sleep (1995) and The Net (1995), Speed (1994), Demolition Man (1993). Sandra is also the founder of a production company “Fortis Films” and also a celebrity. Sandra is one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed movie artists. In 1987, it was performed with the thriller “hombre”.

09 Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz was born in 1972, is one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood. She is a popular fashion model, actress, and producer. The United States in the twentieth century, 90 years of beautiful performances, in “my best friend’s wedding (1997)” and “mask (1994)” and other films in the outstanding performance.

Another film is Bad Teacher (2011), The Green Hornet (2011), (2006) The holiday, The other woman (2014) and Knight and Day (2010). Diaz is well received by the warmth of personality and talent. He won four Golden Globe nominations and several other nominations/awards.

10 – Blake Lively

Born in August 1987, Blake Lively is an American model and charming actress. She is a stunning, absolutely beautiful female celebrity. Blake is known for her smooth functioning and cool personality. Her best films include “Green Light, Reception, City, Maintenance and Private Life Pippi Lee”. Blake won several awards.

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