“Unagi”: Friends’ Female Stars Reunited

Screenshot: Instagram


Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow attended Courtney Cox’s birthday bash and the group shared a super nostalgic photo that got us all wishing for a remake.

It’s been 15 years now since the successful sitcom “Friends” went off the air – hard to believe right? Even so, the cast keeps providing us with some great moments together because they are friends in reality.

Over the weekend, Courtney Cox celebrated her 55th birthday and of course her friends Jennifer Aniston (50) and Lisa Kudrow (55) were there. Cox took a photo of the three girlfriends together and posted it on her Instagram account saying: “I’m so lucky to be celebrating with these two, I love you ladies!”

And for those who are still holding out hope for a reunion, Aniston recently talked to Ellen DeGeneres and hinted that a reunion is totally a possibility. We can’t wait!

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